Friday, January 25, 2008

CD 10- Day 7 of Stims

Quick update - this morning's ultrasound and bloodwork, again, went well. (I think I'm always in a place of waiting for the other shoe to drop)

I have several measurable follicles bordering between 9 and 14. (I need them to be around 18 -20mm before they can harvest them.)

Estrogen Levels:
Estrogen Level on Suppression Check: 32
Estrogen Level on Day 3 of stims: 80
Estrogen Level on Day 5 of stims: 192
Estrogen Level on Day 7 of stims: 529

I have another appointment on Sunday to come in for an ultrasound and more bloodwork. If all goes well in that appointment, I will take my trigger shot on Monday and my retrieval will be on Wednesday!!! Oh my god!!

This is a picture of what the doctor's look at when they are measuring my follicles.

These are not MY follicles, but these are an example of what I keep seeing when I go to my clinic appointment.

"The eggs develop in fluid filled structures in the ovaries called follicles. Each follicle can be seen and measured by ultrasound and contains one microscopic egg."