Monday, January 28, 2008

CD 13- Day 10 of Stims - Ow, I'm sore

Holy ovulation batman.

I'm a full chicken carrying a bunch of eggs, let me tell you.

Today was the first day of the IVF cycle that I woke really feeling sore. It's kind of like menstrual cramps, but less irritating. There is a fullness that runs up my entire back and circles around my stomach. Kind of like carrying a weightbelt around you or something, but oh wait, let me punch you in the gut first, then put on the weight belt, then that's what it feels like.

They said absolutely no IB profen, and to stick with Tylenol. M and I went to the fertility clinic at 8am (in the snow no less) and we had the vaginal ultrasound first. I was dreading it since my last two were painful. This one showed a screen full of follicles and a nice thick uterine lining. Dr. O said I may trigger tonight or tomorrow night! If tonight, then my egg retrieval will be Wednesday morning, and if tomorrow, then ER is Thursday. That's so soon!

Apparently the ER sucks and hurts, but I'm feeling pretty tough right now, so I'm sure I'll get through it. Just as long as I have the pain pills, the TV and my husband, I'll get through.

Today, Dr. O was good to us. My husband has convinced me he was just having a couple bad days and now things are better. The skeptic in me keeps one eye open, but overall I suppose he could be right. Today Dr. O came in and was jovial, courteous and even offered for us to take all the pictures of my follicles home. I'll make a post of those later. (maybe I should name them? heh.)

Everything is happening in the next couple days and I'm excited! I'm also trying my best to prepare for a failed cycle. I think our chances are really around 35-40% on this cycle. We thought about switching to another fertility clinic if this one fails, and that's still a possiblity.

I'm not the most religious person in the world, (in fact I tend to lend more towards Buddhism than anything) but the phrase "it's in God's hands now" really resonates with me.

Because it's so true. We've done the best we can. And there's not anything more we can do. Eventually our hope, our love and their science is taken out of it, and a miracle either happens or it doesn't.

I have to put my faith in something greater than myself.

More later with lab results and follicle pictures.